Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quick Blog # 6

My social sphere is comprised of my parents, siblings, friends, relatives and people at work place, means variety of people. People around me are of diverse ages but I encounter with people of ages around 18 to 45 mostly. Reason could be my grandma and grandpa is no more a part of this world so I do not encounter that age group more often. I wish I could interact with people of that age group more because their way to see the world is broader than the youngsters of my age.

Young adults and middle ages adults are at an advantage because of the privilege that society has managed for this age group only. They are seen as having more up to date knowledge of technology. Society plays a big role in segregating different age group but can’t be blamed alone. Other way to see it is media segregates communities into smaller parts and then target a product to a specific age group which gives an image that they belong to a certain group only. Kids have their own interests like video games, sports, and parents have their own, grand parents have their own as well. Kids are more active and ready for any sort of adventure so they relate themselves with their age group more than the group of their elders. As I said society has a big role also played a big role in making it so obvious that which age group has to be with what age group. This idea was somewhat humorous to me that if a boy listens to his mom he is labeled as mamma’s boy and that he is not grown up or mature enough to deal with his own life. So we have pretty much every definition around us which tells us what is preferred in certain age group. Everybody wants to look cool and acceptable in society. Nobody has time to think and to feel what other are going through. I feel nobody can be even blamed for it. Life is fast and hard to manage and economic and financial pressures make it this way.

Well I think to make it better we should give more quality time to people around, elders, youngsters and kids. Try to understand the age difference and requirements of their age. This can happen only if we start to listen not to just nod but active listening. Communication between diverse age group people would be helpful in decreasing segregation and once segregation is decreased there will be more respect.

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