Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quick Blog # 6

My social sphere is comprised of my parents, siblings, friends, relatives and people at work place, means variety of people. People around me are of diverse ages but I encounter with people of ages around 18 to 45 mostly. Reason could be my grandma and grandpa is no more a part of this world so I do not encounter that age group more often. I wish I could interact with people of that age group more because their way to see the world is broader than the youngsters of my age.

Young adults and middle ages adults are at an advantage because of the privilege that society has managed for this age group only. They are seen as having more up to date knowledge of technology. Society plays a big role in segregating different age group but can’t be blamed alone. Other way to see it is media segregates communities into smaller parts and then target a product to a specific age group which gives an image that they belong to a certain group only. Kids have their own interests like video games, sports, and parents have their own, grand parents have their own as well. Kids are more active and ready for any sort of adventure so they relate themselves with their age group more than the group of their elders. As I said society has a big role also played a big role in making it so obvious that which age group has to be with what age group. This idea was somewhat humorous to me that if a boy listens to his mom he is labeled as mamma’s boy and that he is not grown up or mature enough to deal with his own life. So we have pretty much every definition around us which tells us what is preferred in certain age group. Everybody wants to look cool and acceptable in society. Nobody has time to think and to feel what other are going through. I feel nobody can be even blamed for it. Life is fast and hard to manage and economic and financial pressures make it this way.

Well I think to make it better we should give more quality time to people around, elders, youngsters and kids. Try to understand the age difference and requirements of their age. This can happen only if we start to listen not to just nod but active listening. Communication between diverse age group people would be helpful in decreasing segregation and once segregation is decreased there will be more respect.

Friday, January 21, 2011

What can I do

As a society we need to work together to bring a change. I just realized how much American society is changed in last 35 years and it was by the movements which didn’t start as big movements but got bigger as awareness rose up. I also think that the dominant group also need take responsibility of using their privileged power against the oppressed. I believe if they are aware of the fact how this is affecting the lives of people around and that it really hurt the feelings and destroy the lives then things will get better. I like the way Johnson says the greatest barrier to change is that dominant groups don’t see the trouble as their trouble, it means they don’t feel obliged to do something about it. This happens for a variety of reasons and one is that they don’t know if it exist at the first place, because they don’t have to see it as a trouble, because they see it personal rather than a systematic problem, because they’re reluctant to give up privilege, because they feel angry and deprived and closed to the idea that they have privilege, because they are blinded by the prejudice, because they are afraid what will happen if they acknowledge the reality of privilege and oppression.

I feel like participating in non violent protest and spreading awareness about these issues of civil equality rights about discrimination and oppression. I think that I am privileged to be able to take this class and be able to know all kind of bitter realities of the society in which we are living. I have to accept I have never heard about the issue of transgender issues and how badly they feel about it. I think most subjects we talked in our course have changed my mind. It has also helped in getting a deeper look of American culture. I didn’t know about the ground roots of many issues. I will help in spreading the awareness about these discriminatory issues so that I know I have contributed to a little extent in making the world a better place.

I also like this quote “This is not the way things are suppose to be and this will not always be like this.” We know things are not suppose to be like this and to change them it needs awareness and knowledge. Awareness of the gravity of these issues how certain issues which seems to have no importance in our lives is destroying the lives of our fellow human beings.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Question N

A good activist believes in what he is doing and that it is for good. As action speaks louder than words they take action. Actions which will lead the society towards a positive change and leave a positive impact on the lives of the people affected. Their strong belief in their cause makes them consistent and strong to lead the way with full spirit.

A person can become an activist in any part of life like the women Naomi Klein who became a Feminist when a guy killed 14 women in Montreal massacre. An activist must have some clear goals, cause of their fight and the ability to communicate clearly about their objectives and a vision that how this issue is going to bring positive change in the society. They should be consistent and must keep going with courage and motivation, no matter what hurdle comes in their way. They have the dare to speak out loud, raise concerns, and make their voices heard on issues of equality, oppression and civil rights. Another quality which makes an activist a good communicator is the listening part. A good activist listens to the people around, make allies and find support for the cause they believe in.

As an activist I like bell hooks the most one reason I liked how she talks about equality on the issues of gender, race and class and she has a persistent strong voice. Another reason she stand out is that she herself has faced situation like race discrimination and she speaks out with compassion and positive outlook without degrading any part of society and by giving a positive outlook. Basically she tries to hold up the big picture and the root causes why privileged people don’t stand out for the cause and why oppressed people are not heard in the society.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It is really sad to see that elderly people have to live their last years of life in isolation and poverty. It is not the way it happens in many societies. It is also heartbreaking to see that people are thinking about elderly people in economic terms. They are thinking more about health care cost but not the way they feel. No nursing home or elderly homes can give the love and respect the way own family can. They must not be thought as a burden. They are the ones who gave a life to us and gave us all we wanted and now if they need our love, affection and care they must not be thought as burden. I think this is happening because elderly people accept this form of life and younger generation feels they their elders will get better care in nursing home as there they could get all the care and facilities which would not be possible for them at home. I just feel this is how the society is formed.

People In old age do not get the job because of being over qualified. That is too much. The stigmas attached to aged people that they could be slow, incompetent, and less active than an enthusiastic young person who have not experienced practical life, does not really make sense. Experience counts and can help in practical terms. Most people In their old ages are healthy and active and does not even look old so what’s the deal they should get a job. This kind of discrimination is just too bad. They are forced to live a life of poverty and isolation by giving them a sorry figure from job Then they are left with no other choice other than just to sit and wait for their death.

Ageism just like some other isms is so seldom talked about because we don’t see it and who is going to raise this issue. Privileged people don’t seem to notice and old people are disappointed with the way their life is treating them. I was raised in eastern culture where elders are highly respected and stay with their family for their lifetime. They don’t have a life span of 90 to 100 years though. I don’t see myself an ageist as I see elderly people as blessing and one kind look of them matters more than the care they might need.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It was really interesting to watch the video Gimp, the way they dance, the way they move the potential they had. It is just some extraordinary talent which is inspiring and yet an eye opener that says it is not we who are disabled but you who cannot see our amazing talent.

Girl with no legs and one with missing arm were dancing and were doing it so gracefully. I just feel dance is another way of expression. This way they were telling that we are proud of what we are, do not look down on us we can do anything which is possible in this human world.

This video gives us a comparative look of the people around us we see as disabled and these fully talented and wonderfully able people. They are beautiful, and amazingly talented. Instead of focusing what they don’t have, they focus on what they have got and do what they want. The word disable, crippled or gimp must not be used for these talented people wonderful expression and beautiful extensions of dance.

The discriminatory reaction people have towards the disabled people is saddening because they just don’t want us to feel sorry for them. People think they cannot do anything on their own and need support and help for every little thing in life. Think that they will be a burden for the person who lives with them. All they want is respect, honor and acceptance of them and their talent in society. Socially constructed society is just unable to cater the needs of people who differ a little from the norm.

A person who inspired me and totally changed the way I think:-

Monday, January 17, 2011

Quick Blog # 5

Pornography, explicit sexual images contribute to a great deal in the way men see women sexually or as sex object. Also easy availability of pornography is definitely a big reason for the rising problems of sexism and misogyny. Dominated men and submissive women are the images which are vastly portrayed in the socially constructed society around us and these images further rise another image that women are the objects and can be used. I don’t feel pornography itself is bad but showing it in negative, abusive terms isn’t the way it should be like.

Abusive sexual images in pornography increases the violence and portrays that abusive relationship exist and male are the one to dominate and women as passive and dependent upon man. The way pornography is shown creates very strong image that this is the real way of having sex in which a man dominate a woman and not only man but women is enjoying and having pleasure also she is satisfied with this kind of physical interaction. A strong visual image of abusive nature and the man, who enjoys them, fantasizes this image and then try to make these fantasies a reality. Which ultimately destroys a healthy relationship of a normal life.

process piece

Process Piece

I liked doing this project as I personally felt that this topic is related to me. I was a little worried because my experience with PowerPoint or with any media is nonexistent. I knew little bit of PowerPoint so I decided to do it that way. Topic of racism against a particular religious belief just caught me somehow and it was really amazing to see how people react. It was like trying to learn a little about human nature. Tragedy of 9/11, suddenly fears arose against an unknown foreign religion, foreigners and the stereotypes which were built around it and are still there. How negative images just make so much sense in a chaotic situation and how people can be so judgmental. I got disturbed by some images which I got about racism against Muslims in India and in Australia but my point of focus was American Muslims only also that would have made it longer. I loved doing this project and my basic point was to make Muslims voices heard who are living here for a long time. What they have to say and how they feel about being in United States post 9/11tragedy. I just got some tremendous amount of information overload and it was hard to choose from them. I was confused whether I should add the statement of a person who converted to Islam but after reading whole interview of Michael Wolfe I felt he has something interesting to share which even I didn’t know before. I just added his opening statement but his whole interview shares a full interesting story.

I enjoyed myself doing this project and while doing this I got to learn about so many things which otherwise I wouldn’t have. Communication is a tool which can help solve many issues and can help in breaking the stereotype image which started after 9/11 and actually got stronger with the anger of loosing lives of young brave soldiers and two wars at the expense of tax payer’s money. On the other side anger also roused up in the Muslim world with the sense of helplessness and being victimized of what was never their fault. Media plays a very crucial role in aggravating this anger. I never saw them showing the image of a daily life Muslims and those who donated money, blood and expressed their sorrow and grief on this tragedy instead they kept showing the stereotype image of a Muslim, image that they live in deserts, ride camels, and are against women equality right. These are just so not true.

Personally it is just an annoying feeling that how a bunch of narrow minded extremist has destroyed the image of peaceful Muslims all around the world. Aftermath of this extremism is just horrible.


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